39mm Heliopan Digital UV-IR Cut Filter (Special Order)



39mm Heliopan Digital UV-IR Cut Filter (Special Order)

The Heliopan 39mm Digital UV-IR Cut Filter has been specifically designed for use with digital cameras and blocks UV and infrared radiation in order to achieve greater color separation and more accurate color reproduction. By passing only the visible spectrum, digital capture is more accurate when photographing in artificial lighting conditions.

The front and rear surfaces of the filter both feature a single anti-reflection coating. Each coating helps to increase light transmission by reducing reflections, scattered light, and ghosting. Additionally, they offer protection to the filter substrate while helping to keep the glass clean for longer than uncoated glass.

This Heliopan filter is constructed from Schott glass for increased optical clarity and colour fidelity. It features a brass filter ring for durability as well as jamming prevention.

- Blocks UV and IR radiation for improved colour separation and accurate reproduction.
- Specifically designed for digital imaging sensors when working under artificial lighting.
- Single coatings on both the front and rear offer protection to the glass and help to improve light transmission and image quality.
- Constructed from Schott glass for optical clarity.
- Brass filter ring helps to prevent jamming and provides additional strength.
- Dual threading with 39mm front filter threads permits combining with other filters.

Product Highlights

  • Blocks IR and UV Radiation
  • Improved Color Separation and Accuracy
  • For Digital Imaging in Artificial Light
  • 39mm Front Filter Threads
  • Front and Rear Coating
  • Schott Glass Construction
  • Brass Filter Ring



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