Clauss Rodeon piXplorer fast programmable photographic head

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  • Clauss Rodeon piXplorer fast programmable photographic head
  • Clauss Rodeon piXplorer fast programmable photographic head


Clauss Rodeon piXplorer (Showroom Demo Model) - Setup for Sony Alpha Cameras
Create breathtaking professional 360° x 180° panorama images at maximum speed with the precise and powerful RODEON piXplorer. The worlds fastest panoramic head! 

Ultra-compact, super-lightweight and extremely strong, the RODEON piXplorer is the ultimate tool when it comes to high-definition panorama imaging. Its rugged aloy chassis makes the piXplorer rock solid even when running heavy loaded. Trusted all over the world for its reliability, the piXplorer is fully sealed and temperature resistant.

Manufacturer's information: Clauss Rodeon piXplorer

Important Note: This requires a separately selected and ordered camera connection cable to suit your camera model(s). See the Clauss Rodeon piXplorer Camera Interface Cable below.

Technical Specification

Product CLAUSS RODEON piXplorer
Description 2-axis fully automated programmable robotic panoramic head
FoV (Field of View) 360° x 180°(Full Surrounding View)
Max. Payload 20.0 kg
Gear Resolution 0.015°
Gear Torque Force measured at 10cm radius
Operation Time ~ 8 hrs. on battery, Unlimited with External Power Supply
Power Supply Integrated Li-Ion Battery (58 VAh)
External Power Supply and Charger (US/GB/EU/AUS)
Data Interface IR (USB by optional IR-remote control)
Camera Interface 2.5 mm TRS socket (to be used with suitable trigger cable)
Shutter Control Electronic 2 Stages Shutter Release
Tripod Mount 3/8 inch inside thread
Camera Mount 1/4 inch (ultra flat quick interchangeable plate)
Dimensions Length: 177 mm (7.0″)
Width: 70 mm (2.8″)
Height: 289 mm (11.4″)
Weight: 2.3 kg (5.1 lbs)

Recommended tripod/head combination: , Novoflex TrioBalance C2830 3 Segment Carbon Fibre Tripod with built in Levelling Head, or the Sirui W-2204 Carbon Fibre Waterproof Tripod with Sirui K-30x Ball Head

Download the Pixplorer Data Sheet


Compatible Cameras

Manufacturer Trigger Socket Model

EOS 5D EOS 5D Mk. II 1 EOS 5D Mk. III 1 EOS 5DS 1 EOS 5DS R 1 EOS 6D 1 EOS 7D 1 EOS 7D Mk. II 1 EOS 20D EOS 30D EOS 40D EOS 50D EOS 60D EOS 60Da EOS 70D E3 EOS 100D EOS 500D EOS 550D EOS 600D EOS 650D EOS 700D EOS 750D EOS 760D EOS 1000D EOS 1100D EOS 1200D 
Powershot G12 Powershot G13 Powershot G14 Powershot G15 Powershot G16

SL (601)
S (007) S-E (006)
D-Lux 1 D-Lux 2 D-Lux 3 V-Lux 3 V-Lux 4

D200 D300 D300S D700 D800 1 D800E 1 D810 1 D810A 1
D70s D80
D90 D600 D610 D650 D750 1 D3000 D3100 D3200 D3300 D5000 D5100 D5200 D5300 D5500 D7000 D7100 D7200

OM-D E-M1 OM-D E-M5 OM-D E-M5 Mk. II OM-D E-M10 PEN E-P5 PEN E-PL5 PEN E-PL6 PEN E-PL7 Stylus 1 Stylus 1s Traveller SH-1 Traveller SH-2 Traveller SH-60 Traveller SP-100EE

K-3 K-3 II K-5 K-5 II K-5 IIs X-5 K-30 K-50 K-500

EX2F NX1 NX20 NX202 NX210 NX300 NX500 NX1000 NX1100 NX2000 NX2030

SD-1 SD-1 Merrill SD-14 SD-15

Alpha 7 1 Alpha 7 II Alpha 7R 1 Alpha 7R II Alpha 7S 1 Alpha 58 Alpha 77 II Alpha 3000 Alpha 3500 Alpha 5000 Alpha 5100 Alpha 6000
Alpha 33 Alpha 35 Alpha 37 Alpha 55 Alpha 57 Alpha 65 Alpha 68 Alpha 77 Alpha 99 Alpha 100 Alpha 200 Alpha 300 Alpha 350 Alpha 450 Alpha 500 Alpha 550 Alpha 560 Alpha 580 Alpha 700 Alpha 850 Alpha 900
1 An optional camera plate for this models guarantees a fixed perpendicular hold.

Other camera models on request.

Download the Data Sheet

Sample Images:

Aya's little planet - Sony A7II, Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 Super Wide Heliar Version III Lens
Sony E Mount, PTgui (© René Vogelzang 2016)


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