Hasselblad 350mm f/4 FE T* Lens #7555902 Rated 9/10



Hasselblad 350mm f/4 FE T* Lens #7555902 Rated 9/10 (for Hasselblad 200/2000 Series)

The Hasselblad 350mm f/4 FE T* is a highly corrected lens using special glass to produce stunning reproduction of fine details with the maximun resolution at wide open aperture. The lenses f/4 aperture gives a very shallow depth of field and this combined the ability to focus down to 1.9 meters gives the photographer lots of creative possibilities. The f/4 aperture also provides lots of light for a bright viewfinder for composing and focusing.

Please note: This lens is designed for the Hasselblad 200/2000 series cameras and does not have the built in shutter. It will not work on Hasselblad 500 series cameras.


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