Hasselblad Teleconverter 1.4XE #422EU1597 Rated 9/10



Hasselblad Teleconverter 1.4XE #422EU1597 Rated 9/10 (for use with lenses 100mm to 500mm)

The Hasselblad Teleconverter 1.4XE provides a convenient way to expand your range of telephoto lenses. The Teleconverter 1.4XE features the same outstanding optical and mechanical quality as all the lenses in the Hasselblad system.

Mounted between the lens and the camera body, this converter extends the focal length of the lens 1.4 times and reduces the aperture by only one f-stop. The close-up focusing limit is not affected. The Hasselblad Teleconverter 1.4XE can be used with all Hasselblad lens types of current and previous series with a focal length of 100 mm or longer (except the Makro-Planar CF 5.6/135 mm). The converter is equipped with feed-through data bus connections for optimal use of 200-series cameras with built-in exposure metering system.

Comes with original box.


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