MagicBalance Levelling Head Ø75 (for TRIOPOD-PRO75)



MagicBalance Levelling Head Ø75 (for TRIOPOD-PRO75)
The Novoflex MagicBalance PRO75 Leveling Ball is a compact leveling head that tilts 15° in any direction, so you can orient your DSLR camera as you shoot on uneven ground, or while using a gimbal head or a panorama system. Designed specifically for the TRIOPOD-PRO75, a twist of the fixing screw enables you to make adjustments using just one hand. The MagicBalance's ingenious design is that of a half-ball in a socket. The small and sturdy leveling head is virtually maintenance-free and moves easily.

* MagicBalance Leveling Head is 75 mm in diameter and adjustable 15° in all directions
* Can be attached to any standard tripod thanks to 1/4 "or 3/8" thread
* Camera screw 1/4“ * Max. Load 143 lbs./ 65 kg.

Length 10.3cm
Dimensions 7.5x5.3cm
Weight 0.4kg
Load Capacity 65kg

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