Novoflex CASTEL Slide Duplicator Copying attachment

  • Novoflex CASTEL Slide Duplicator Copying attachment
  • Novoflex CASTEL Slide Duplicator Copying attachment
  • Novoflex CASTEL Slide Duplicator Copying attachment


Novoflex CASTEL Slide Duplicator attachment for the CASTEL Focusing Racks

The technology transition from analog to digital is influencing the way existing slides and negatives are handled and archived.

An ideal solution is now available with the CASTEL-COP-DIGI slide duplicator that allows fast and easy digitalization of your originals, from 35 mm up to 6 × 7 cm medium format.

The digital slide duplicator is designed for use with the NOVOFLEX focusing racks CASTEL-L, CASTEL-Q or CASTEL-MINI , plus most of the current NOVOFLEX bellows with rack-and-pinion drive such as BALPRO 1, BALPROT/S or BALCAN-AF. 
This duplicating method is especially recommended if larger quantities of negatives or slides need to be digitized quickly with a digital camera.

The high quality of today‘s digital cameras ensures first-rate results and many users prefer this method to scanning with a slide scanner. The digital slide duplicator reliably positions framed 35 mm or medium-format slides or film strips.

The NOVOFLEX slide duplicator can be used without any problems with macro lenses up to 105 mm.

What are the advantages of digital copies over scanning?

  • Potential for higher quality than with slide scanners (depending on camera model)
  • Faster than scanning

Technical specifications:

Rail length: 32 cm (12.59“)
Duplicating area: 6.5 × 7.5 cm (2.55 × 2.95“)
Weight: 210 g (0.46 lbs)



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