Novoflex PANORAMA=Q PRO Panorama Plate (Usually ships in 7 to 14 days)



Novoflex PANORAMA=Q PRO Panorama Plate with Standard Arca-Swiss Compatible Coupling Plate (Usually ships in 7 to 14 days)

The Novoflex Universal Pro Panorama Plate with Q-Mount Quick Release provides independent pan control to ballheads that don't have it, allowing you to solely move the left-right axis without affecting the orientation of the ball itself.

The engraved 360° scale with 10° divisions is invaluable when you are panning the camera and want to be sure of reproducible results. In addition, this version features variable click-stops for accurate and repeatable positioning. A round control knob offers 8 different click-stop-positions (angle steps) be set.

Compatible with any standard ball head, but especially great for use with the Magic Ball & Mini Magic Ball.

Due to its flat design this adapter can be mounted either between a tripod and ballhead or between a ballhead and camera.
Comes with a standard 3/8"-16 hole in the bottom but also includes a reducer bushing to convert it to the smaller 1/4"-20 thread size.

Available adjustment steps are:
360° = stepless
60° = 6 click-stops
45° = 8 click-stops
36° = 10 click-stops
30° = 12 click-stops
24° = 15 click-stops
20 ° = 18 click-stops
15° = 24 click-stops
10° = 36 click-stops
Built-in double bubble level assures accurate horizontal and vertical alignment.

Technical Specification
- Size:                93 × 60
- Height:             33 mm 
- Weight:            260 g 
- Tripod Conn:     1/4” 



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