Voigtlander 21mm f/3.5 Vintage Line Color-Skopar - Leica M Mount



Voigtlander 'Vintage Line' 21mm f/3.5 Color-Skopar VM - Leica M Mount

Ultra wide-angle lens combining lenses of optical performance matching the contemporary photographic equipment to the exterior reminiscent of the classic lens styling which is regarded as a historical masterpiece. By keeping the open aperture value to a practical level, it is possible to achieve both compactness and high optical performance. It demonstrates mobility as a snap shooter, which is a part of the Rangefinder machine.

Main features:
● Classical exterior classical design that recalls the name ball released in the 1950s. All parts are made of metal, excellent in texture and operation feel, providing pleasure to own the lens.

● Contemporary lens design in consideration of the use of a digital camera, adopting an optical design which has been subjected to colour suffer measures in the periphery of the screen. Maintain good image quality both in film and digital.

● The shortest shooting distance is 0.5 meters. The shortest shooting distance of the distance meter exceeds 0.7 m and it is possible to focus up to 0.5 m. It is effective at shooting with a camera equipped with a live view function.

● Optional bayonet hood aluminium adopted the material, offers a bayonet hood LH-11 which has been subjected to well-established crystal painted with the option at the height of the classical texture.

● Reliable focus operation can manual focus and total metallic helicoid units that are processed and adjusted with high precision, by employing high-quality greases to produce an appropriate torque, achieve focusing smooth operation feeling. It enables delicate focus adjustment.

● Bayonet VM mount adopt the VM mount to the lens mount. In addition to the Bessa series (excluding Bessa L, R), you can use it with the camera adopting the M mount.

● Built-in rangefinder system seamless focusing near the aperture stop is possible by the high precision range finder interlocking mechanism.

● Full-sized image circle We have secured an image circle of affordable size corresponding to 35 mm full size. In addition, compared with the interchangeable lens for single lens reflex, it realizes a very compact style.

Main Specifications:

Focal length

21 mm

Aperture ratio

1: 3.5

Minimum aperture


Lens configuration

8 groups 9

Angle of view

91.2 °

Number of diaphragm blades

10 sheets

Shortest shooting distance

0.5 m

Range meter range

∞ ~ 0.7 m (depending on camera)

Maximum diameter × total length

φ 52 × 30.0 mm

Filter size

φ39 mm


180 g

Lens hood

LH-11 (sold separately)

Please note that Voigtlander products are not available for international sale.







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