Voigtlander Color Skopar 18mm f/2.8 Lens Black (FUJI X mount)

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18mm f/2.8 Color Skopar Aspherical Black : Fujifilm X

The COLOR-SKOPAR 18mm F2.8 Aspherical X Mount is a wide-angle lens that is exclusively designed for Fujifilm X-mount. A maximum aperture of F2.8 has been designed to keep the size of the product compact. The overall length of the lens is only 23.5mm from the mount, making it highly portable. With an angle of view equivalent to 28mm in full-frame, it can be enjoyed widely from snapshots to table photos.

Dedicated to the FUJIFILM X mount

Designed exclusively for the FUJIFILM X mount. Optics are optimized for the image sensor of the FUJIFILM X system cameras. This prevents distortion, light reduction, and color casts on the periphery of the image without relying on the camera's optical correction function.

Electronic Contacts for Information Communication with the Body

The electronic contact enables highly reliable electrical communication between the lens and the camera body. By combining a communication-compatible body and the latest firmware, Exif information, focus check, and shooting distance-linked display are supported, as well as in-body image stabilization for certain models.

Manual focus for reliable focusing

The use of an all-metal helicoid unit machined and adjusted to a high degree of precision and high-quality lubricants which produce moderate torque ensure smooth focusing operation. Subtle focusing adjustment is possible.

Directly operated mechanical aperture ring

Like the VM mount and mirrorless mount Voigtländer lenses, the lens employs an aperture ring mechanism that directly opens and closes the aperture. The mechanism has 1/3 stop clicks so you can directly enjoy the feeling of operating it.

Beautiful bokeh effect with 10 aperture blades

A 10-element aperture is used to make the opening formed by the diaphragm blades closer to a circular shape. Out-of-focus areas are rendered naturally, and point light sources are rendered with a soft, rounded bokeh effect.

Focus Ring for excellent operability

The lens focus ring is equipped with a lever, for easy and precise control. The approximate focus point, as set by the lever's rotation, can also be determined without looking at the distance scale.

MOD 0.17m

The close minimum focusing distance is 0.17m, making it ideal for tabletop photography.
Focal length: 18mm
Aperture ratio: 1:2.8
Minimum aperture: F22
Lens configuration: 7 elements in 5 groups
Angle of view: 75.4°
Number of aperture blades: 10
Shortest shooting distance: 0.17m
Maximum shooting magnification: 1:6.6
Maximum diameter x total length (excluding accessories and protrusions): φ59.3 x 23.5mm
Filter size: φ43mm
Weight: 115g
Lens hood: Dedicated hood included
Aperture ring: Yes
Electronic contacts: Yes
Exif information: Supported
Focus check: Supported
Support for In-body camera shake: Supported
Shooting distance linked display: Supported


For Camera compatability with Electronic data transfer please see the Cosina website

Fuji X Camera model Compatibility

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