Voigtländer HELIAR Classic 50mm f/1.5 VM Lens (M-Mount)



Voigtländer HELIAR Classic 50mm f/1.5 VM Lens (M-Mount)

The new Voigtländer HELIAR classic 50mm f/1.5 VM embraces an old world vintage/classical redition by using a wide f/1.5 aperture, single coating and by intentionally not correcting aberrations. 

The Heliar Classic is measured by a different yard stick as Heliar images are all about classic style.

The HELIAR classic 50mm f/1.5 VM is finished to show classical depiction at the wide open apertures by the aberrations that intentionally remained. This image effect is painterly or even “more fluffy” than images made by modern lenses. By leaving some factors of aberration, both coma and spherical, we create a different image flavor than contemporary images made in digital post-processing. Not every subject demands maximum sharpness and saturation, some require a more delicate touch. Our optical formula is like a hand reaching back in time. This look cannot be obtained with modern lenses that are over correct for various aberrations. In addition to the superior bokeh the remaining frame flare and single coated finish provide an extremely unique palette at wide open aperture settings. 

The HELIAR classic 50mm f/1.5 VM, a standard lens, designed specifically for full-frame VM mount cameras. The full metal focus ring is processed with a diamond pattern with a dedicated cutting tool. The engraved cross hatch pattern gives both improved operability with a texture that doesn’t slip in either directions. It also adds to the physical beauty and tactile appeal of the lens.

It can also be mounted on Sony E-mount, Fujifilm Xmount and Nikon Z-mount digital cameras via our appropriate adapters. It comes with a simple screw-on metal hood and a hood cap. 

Main Features
● Achieves a large aperture of f/1.5 that exceeds the limit of the unique aperture depiction helia type. The optical design that intentionally expresses aberrations at full aperture provides classical bokeh and flare not found in modern lenses.

● Classical Appearance - The all-metal focus ring is knurled with a diamond pattern using a special cutting tool to improve operability with specifications that prevent slipping in both the rotation and optical axis directions in addition to its beautiful appearance. ..

● Adopting a single coating - A single coating is intentionally adopted on the surface of the spherical lens. It reproduces the classical color tone before multi-coating became common.

● The shortest shooting distance is 0.5m Interlocking with a rangefinder It is possible to focus up to 0.5m beyond the shortest shooting distance of 0.7m. You can get closer to the subject by using the live view function of the rangefinder-linked digital camera.

● Manual focus that enables reliable focus operation. By adopting an all-metal helicoid unit that has been processed and adjusted with high precision and high-quality grease that produces an appropriate torque, focusing with a smooth operation feeling is realized. It enables fine focus adjustment.

● Bayonet type VM mount - A VM mount compatible with the Leica M mount is used for the lens mount.

● Equipped with a distance meter interlocking system - The high-precision rangefinder interlocking mechanism enables severe focusing near the maximum aperture.

● Full-size image circle - We have secured a generous image circle that supports full-frame 35mm format. In addition, it achieves a very compact style compared to interchangeable lenses for single-lens reflex cameras.

Key Features
■ Heliar-type optical design achieves the large aperture of f/1.5
■ Classical style characterized by residual aberration
■ Full metal barrel with high rigidity and durability
■ Manual focus for reliable focusing operation
■ Bayonet VM Mount
■ High-precision rangefinder interlocking mechanism
■ Minimum object distance 0.5m
■ Full-frame image circle
■ SC (single coating)

Technical Specifications
■ Focal Length - 50mm
■ Maximum aperture - f/1.5
■ Minimum aperture - f/16
■ Caliber ratio - 1: 1.5
■ Angle of view - 45.9°
■ Lens configuration - 6 elements in 3 groups
■ Number of aperture blades - 10
■ Minimum object distance 0.5m
■ Rangefinder interlocking range - 0.7m ~ ∞ (depending on the camera)
■ SC (single coating)
■ Filter size - φ49mm
■ Diameter x length - φ56.5 × 41.9mm
■ Weight - 255g
■ Lens hood - Dedicated screw-in (included)


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